Thurl Bailey

Utah United Club Founder

I was cut from the first organized basketball team I ever tried out for. It was a devastating feeling to be rejected or fail at something that I wanted so badly. I was encouraged by my parents to continue to work hard on my skills because eventually another opportunity would come, and I needed to be ready. The following year as a 6’- 7” eighth grader, I was again left off the list of players to make the team. Finally in my 9th grade year a new coach saw potential in me and decided to work with me to be the type of player he knew I could be. It was a great lesson for me as I became a coach for other kids. We at Utah United Basketball Club think that your kid has the potential to be great at something. Basketball is a great vehicle or tool to help bring some of those intangibles forward. The important thing at this time is the overall skill development and also for your son or daughter to have a great experience.

Why Utah United Basketball Club

I started my basketball career in high school as so many youngsters do, and I had opportunity to play basketball at Ricks College in Idaho (now know as BYU-Idaho), followed by Brigham Young University Hawaii. After which I had the opportunity to play for High Five America which was an exhibition team based in San Diego California. Through my journey I had coaches who told me I was not good enough, and I had the opposite experiences, like learning the game under the priceless tutelage with Hall of Fame Coach Alexander Gomelsky. Coaches have such an impact on a player and I knew I wanted to be a coach, one who make a positive impression in players lives. Now with over 30 years of coaching under my belt, I've been blessed to coach countless teams and hundreds of players. I could not be happier that I have found Utah United, and that I've been able to bring my experience and background to the table. Working with Coach Thurl Bailey and his amazing team to launch Utah United has been an honor.  They have the same vision to providing a truly "UNITED" culture and a commitment to providing the best basketball education experience to every player in our club, to nurture that love and passion for the game and more importantly to help kids find the love and passion for themselves!  

I’m Big Rick Curtis and “We Are United!”

"My son is excited to play for Utah United club, and I was really happy about what I saw last week at tryouts.  I loved how the coaches "saw" the whole child and not just the player.  Thank you!! I'm excited to see Utah United play together"

Shelly Davis

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